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Here’s a fun #MilwaukeeDay CHALLENGE for you + your dog:

Since quarantine began, I’ve made a conscious effort to take a different route, a different sidewalk, a different path each day mindfully pushing myself to seek out different shops, restaurants, murals and signs that I would have otherwise never noticed. It’s given me a greater appreciation for all that our city has to offer - plus, I now have a new list of places I’d love to try once it’s safe again. Something to look forward to and a great way to celebrate + support our city!

Today, I challenge YOU to do the same. When taking your dog for a walk this afternoon, consider taking a route that you don’t usually take, allowing you and your pup to explore new parts of the city.

Tag @goodhoundcompany in your Instagram stories so that I can see what hidden gems you discovered on your #MilwaukeeDay walk!

Happy April 14, everyone 👐🏼 Let’s make the best of it #414

P.S. Our leather leashes are 6ft long... the CDC recommended distance to keep between you and others 😏

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