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We are committed to supporting the well-being of dogs, and the humans who love them, through continuous advocacy and fundraising efforts. Whether it's donating a box of dog toys to an animal shelter for enrichment and comfort, featuring adoptable dogs on social or organizing a food drive to help provide our community members with nutrition for their pets, it's up to us. Animals need us and we need them; so together, let's do good.

We donate 50% of proceeds from our Do Good product sales to a featured charity. Currently, we are proud to support Pets Helping People (PHP), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization who trains and assesses dogs and their compassionate owners to provide therapy visits in Southeast Wisconsin. PAP believes that dogs can be a remarkable source of companionship, inspiration and motivation - and can play an important role in promoting health, healing, socialization and learning, and we couldn't agree more.

Pets Helping People's goals:

  • Improve and enrich the lives of others through animal-assisted therapy

  • Employ best practices in assessing, training, accrediting, and supporting pet-handler teams

  • Educate the community regarding the benefits of the human-animal bond achieved through animal-assisted therapy, partnerships and special events

To learn more about PAP or how to become a registered pet therapy team, click here.

Bailey13 3.JPG

Photo taken at the Coulee Region Humane Society in Onalaska, Wisc.

Adoptable Good Hounds

Each month, Good Hound features three adoptable dogs, local to Milwaukee, Wisc., to help raise awareness and support animal adoption. To learn more about each dog, click the Adopt Me button below their name. Who knows, you just might meet your new best friend.


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