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We asked a few of our brand ambassadors if any of them had a Who Rescued Who story they were willing to share, and these were their responses.

Ashley + Sophey's story:

I rescued Sophey in March of 2011, but she has been rescuing me ever since. My college roommate and I were going to the humane society to pet dogs – an easy way for us de-stress before a big exam. Except, I didn’t end up JUST petting the dogs. I saw Sophey (then known as Tina) and fell in love. She was 50% off and had been returned 3 times for various reasons: being “too hyper” at 4 months old, not having enough time for her, etc. I am so grateful those families gave up since my life wouldn’t be complete without her. I am sure that a 19-year-old college student without a job isn’t the greatest applicant to rescue a dog, but for some reason the Green Bay Humane Society approved me. I picked Sophey up the next day and we started our life together. At the time, my family was falling apart due to my mom’s drug addiction and Sophey was a constant source of love and safety for me. She made it easy to block out everything else and focus on her. Over the years, we have gone through so much life together. She kept me motivated and responsible during college by having to take care of something besides myself. I wasn’t allowed to be selfish, and I appreciate that. We have moved 9 times together, even once across the country. She has always adapted to any situation we found ourselves in and still proves to be the more resilient one of us. Sophey was there for me during break ups, and beside me as I got married. I always knew she was the one who rescued me, but she really proved it by being a source of comfort after my father-in-law suffered a catastrophic stroke, and again later when he passed away unexpectedly. She made the grief bearable for both my husband and I. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t fallen in love with that clearance puppy 10 years ago.

Sarah + Baker's story:

We decided to get a dog shortly after we moved in together. We knew we wanted a younger rescue dog, so we checked the local shelters daily. We got Baker from the Wisconsin Humane Society. From the beginning, he was sweet, loving, and goofy, though anxious as all dogs are in new homes. However, he continued to exhibit many anxious behaviors, even after living with us for some time. After talking with our vet, we determined that Baker has anxiety. Having a dog with anxiety has taught us so much about unconditional love and patience. We learned how to advocate for our pup, how to talk with people about Baker’s anxiety, connected with the amazing dog community Milwaukee has, and have worked hard to help Baker feel calm and comfortable no matter where he is and who he encounters. Baker brought us closer together as we’ve worked through his anxiety as a family. We adore him, his quirks, his silly side, and his love of life more than either of us expected! We found each other at the best time for each of us and Baker has been the best addition to our family… he rescued us as much as we rescued him!

Alexis + Marley's story:

In September of 2020 I decided that I wanted a dog. I didn’t have a preference, all I knew was that I wanted a rescue dog because I knew the issues with overcrowded shelters. I searched for what felt like forever, never finding a good fit. Then I got a picture from a worker at Watertown Humane Society of a small puppy (who looked more like a pig at the time). I immediately fell in love. I went to do a meet and greet the next day. At the meet and greet, it was truly love at first sight. I was smothered with kisses and I didn’t want to leave her and I think the feeling was mutual. I went back to officially adopt her two days later and was even more in love. We went home to start our new normal together. I never knew how fast you could love an animal. She became my best friend. She was there while I struggled learning about how to train a puppy, and she did great (aside from the occasional torn shoe). She was there when I had bad days, and she knew and would love even harder. Marley taught me ways to help myself and has brought out passions that I wasn’t always confident in. I was never so passionate about breed specific legislation or positive reinforcement or just general care of animals until her. Without her, I wouldn’t be as knowledgeable and passionate about rescuing and training dogs. She’s inspired me to educate and include dogs in my career. Because of Marley, I’ve become a part of an amazing dog community in Milwaukee where I’ve met amazing people. Marley is my rock. Whatever happens, I know I can come home to her and she’ll be happy and excited to see me. I feel the same way when I see her. I forget the little problems that happened during the day. I don’t know where I’d be without Marley. She is my heart dog. She will always be my best friend.

Brittany + Benjamin (+sister, Noel):

My other half knew I wanted to get another dog soon. On my birthday (during quarantine) he said let start looking for our next rescue. This was his way to make me stop focusing on multiple canceled events and not being able to see my family from 9 months! Within a week a colleague of mine was fostering three little pups. Benjamin Button (Nelson at the time,) was a shy, cuddling, puppy from a shelter in Texas that Rescue Gang Mke brought to Milwaukee! His foster mom came over with all three puppies. We were originally interested in a sibling but Ben chose us. He played with Noel and climbed into my lap and fell fast asleep. Benjamin is a laidback goofball that brings so much joy to us! Noel and Ben are two peas in a pod that are now inseparable. Benjamin Button joined our family mid January of 2021 and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tiffany + Zeppelin:

In May of 2018, I lost my best friend, a Chihuahua named Taquito. I was devastated and definitely not ready to love again but life had other plans for me. Just a few weeks later, my boyfriend Kevin sent me photos of a pup he was interested in meeting. I looked at the photos and immediately felt a sense of guilt. Guilt for looking at the photos, guilt for even thinking about another dog. Flash forward another week, and Kevin asked if I wanted to meet this pup. After a bit of convincing, I agreed to meet the dog named Jon Snow. We arrived to his foster mom’s house a few days later, not thinking we would be leaving with him. Well that quickly changed once we set eyes on those floppy ears and pudgy puppy belly. It was love at first sight! Kevin and I looked at each other, shook our heads and said we would be taking him home. The foster mom asked what we were going to name him and we said Zeppelin, named after our favorite band. Three years have gone by and we love this little boy more and more each day. He most definitely came into our lives at a time when we didn’t know how much we needed him. We may have rescued him, but he surely rescued our hearts!

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