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Tucker - Adopted September 6, 2017 Shelter intake date: 08/31/2017 from Knoxville, TN When Tucker's owners, Maddie and Jake, were thinking about about adopting, Jake's father told them that every dog owner has their "it" dog, that one dog that is extra special, that one dog that changes your life completely. After seeing a photo of Tucker laying on a pile of stuffed animals sleeping in the middle of the chaos his litter mates were causing at the Humane Society, they just knew he was their "it" dog. Maddie and Jake took one look at the spot on the top of his head and knew they had to adopt him. Over the first several months of him being part of their family, they've been able to watch his personality completely blossom. Maddie wrote, "We love how he howls when he wants more attention and how when he's tired he sits by the couch and whines until we pick him up and put him on it (even though he could easily get up there on his own). We love how friendly he is to both humans and dogs, as well as the immense amount of love he radiates. It has been a fantastic experience learning and growing with him, and his crazy long tongue and wild ears are just an added bonus."

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