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The Perfect Tie + Fall Collection Sneak Peak

Fall is our favorite season so it only makes sense that we're introducing a handful of new Good Hound patterns PLUS a new style. By now, you're probably familiar with our standard bandanas and how to tie them. Need a refresh? See below! However, you may not be as familiar with what we like to call neckerchiefs. While the material of a neckerchief is generally much thinner/lighter than your standard bandana, making it easier to roll and tie, they can always be worn as a standard bandana as well if you so choose. To learn how to tie a neckerchief, scroll down. Our fall 2020 collection of bananas and neckerchiefs will be available September 1. Let your dogs know!

Standard Bandana Tie

  • Lay bandana flat

  • Fold in half along the horizontal mid line

  • Roll the straight horizontal edge toward the point, one to four times. The number of rolls depends on how you prefer your bandana to fit your dog. I usually do three rolls on a size medium bandana for Milo so that the bandana doesn't hang too low and get in the way.

  • Scrunch + finesse to your desired shape, then double knot tie in the back of your dog's neck. Be careful not to tie the knot too tight, as you don't want to harm your dog. I like to tie it with just enough room to be able to wiggle it over Milo's head so that I can hang the bandana on a hook (still tied) and easily grab when I want to slide it back on him. Ta-da!

Neckerchief Tie (AKA The Fancy Tie)

  • Lay bandana flat (again, this type of tie works best with our neckerchief specific bandanas, which are a much thinner/lighter weight - launching September 1)

  • Fold in half along the horizontal mid line

  • Roll the corner point toward the straight horizontal edge (opposite from the standard tie). The width of the roll is up to you! The reason you want to roll toward the straight horizontal edge instead of vise versa is so that the point is buried inside the rolls and you are left with a seamless straight piece, which makes it easier to tie. If you roll and find it's too thick, try again with a thinner roll!

  • Double knot tie both ends together to secure. The knot can hang in the front, off to the side or in the back - whichever style you prefer (Milo prefers the side tie)!

Fall Collection Sneak Peak - Launching September 1


Good Hound Company was founded in 2017 by Brit Kruesel while she was living in her quaint, one-bedroom apartment above a pub in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Started with pets, their owners and sustainability in mind, many of Good Hound Company’s goods are made from recycled or vintage materials, including our packaging which is made from 100% recycled fabric. Each product purchased contributes directly to supporting a local dog rescue and protection organization. We’re driven by community and often team up with small businesses we love and other-like minded individuals. It is our goal to invest back into the community that has given us so much support.

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