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These past two+ weeks have been difficult, to say the least. There have been a few mornings where just getting out of bed has seemed like too daunting of a task. What’s going on in the world is scary, especially for my anxious self. BUT, I will say that if anything positive has come from this eerie fog, it’s the enormous sense of community and togetherness taking place in Milwaukee.

As a result of social isolation, I have been taking Milo for longer than usual walks and was blown away after realizing how much of my neighborhood I have yet to explore. I’ve passed restaurants, shops, pubs and street art that I never even knew existed before now. It’s incredible what you begin to notice when you slow down and open your eyes.

Today, Milo and I passed Don's. Don's Diner and Cocktails has completely changed its business model to help the community by turning into a grocery store. Don’s Diner is now Don's Grocery and Liquor.

Tables and chairs along with the restaurant supplies were taken out, and shelves were installed and filled with food, drinks and toiletries. “We recognized we had a great opportunity to do something different and positive with our establishment," says Sean Wille, director of marketing and public relations for the StandEatDrink Hospitality Group, which owns the restaurant. "We're able to provide necessities an supplies for people in the area.”


“Look for the helpers” reads a sign, inspired by a Mister Rogers quote, in the newly renamed grocery store. Witnessing a community come together to help one another in such a scary time has been admirable and has even made getting out of bed in the mornings a little less daunting.

So thank you, Milwaukee. Keep doing what you can to help while staying safe and healthy.

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