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I work full time at an animal shelter in Milwaukee and over the course of a year, I get to witness over 10,000 animals find new homes. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. As I do most mornings, I headed to adoption avenue to see who was available for adoption. As I was walking in through the doors, there was an elderly gentleman carrying his newly adopted puppy. He was proud. I mean, biggest smile I've ever seen proud. I excitedly congratulated him in passing knowing how much life and new energy his new addition will bring to his home. As we both continued our own ways, I took two steps through the adoption doors and staring back at me was a 10-year-old lab with eyes begging me to take him home. He was patiently waiting for a new family. Suddenly, I felt a wave of sadness run through my body as I found myself wondering what his story was. What was life like for him before arriving at the shelter? Was he abandoned? Did he run away and get lost? Did his previous owner pass? Does he miss them? Is he scared? I'll never know - but he sat there hopeful that one of the passing families came for him. I watched for several days as he was overlooked by the adopters who chose puppies instead. Eventually, he stopped getting up from his bed to greet people at his suite door. I couldn't help but think about how much joy that he, too, could have brought to the elderly gentleman I passed in the doorway. While puppies are wonderful, I'm just asking you to not forget about our seniors - they are just as eager to please, to love and to be loved (this includes @secretlifeofmarge, in the first photo, who was adopted as a senior). While staff and volunteers provide the best care possible, we know the transition for a dog in and out of the shelter can still be stressful - especially for a senior dog, who has been set on their ways for years. Because of this, I have decided that Lost and Hound's next toy donation will go to Bob's House for Dogs, which helps area shelters by placing senior and disabled dogs in a comfortable home-like environment while they wait to be adopted. Learn more about @bobshousefordogs here:

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