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Zelda (Formerly known as “Scrappy”) – 6 years old - Adopted August 2012 According to Zelda's owner, Kelly, Zelda was her first true love. Unfortunately, she came from a less than ideal situation. Finding her through a friend of a friend, Kelly was informed that Zelda was being abused and neglected and that the owners were going to take her to the animal shelter later that day. Kelly immediately jumped on the opportunity to go meet her and it was love at first sight. Kelly says, "It broke my heart for a few months looking at this cute puppy I was lucky enough to save and thinking back to her bad past, but she landed in the right hands. Today, you would never guess she had such a past, as she's living the dogs dream." Zelda's favorite things to do are cuddle and burrow under as many blankets as possible, go on car rides (always riding shot gun), and trying to keep up with her sister, Lily, when they race around the dog park (despite her short legs). "Zelda changed my life for the better. We rescued each other," Kelly said.

Lily (Formerly known as “Glory”) – 3 years old – Adopted June 2016 After Kelly and her boyfriend moved in together, they quickly decided one dog was not enough. Adoption has always been important to Kelly, so they didn’t think twice about rescuing their second dog. According to Kelly, they actually picked out Lily's name and had a dog tag made a week or so before finding her on Lily came from a foster family in Minnesota and the first few months of her life are kind of a mystery. All they knew was that she was living with her three siblings outdoors in Iowa for the first four months of their lives, meaning they had little to no human interaction. This did not stop Lily from being a loving pup. She is a sweetheart with humans, but especially enjoys playing with other dogs. Lily is known to start howling and yipping when she sees another dog out on a walk or anywhere in public. After they brought Lily into their lives, Zelda became a completely different dog in a sense. Kelly explains, "She found her best friend and to this day we look at them and I swear we can see them smiling. When asked what these dogs mean to us, I wouldn’t know where to start. They are our world and I can’t imagine a day without them. I will continue to always choose adoption first – it has brought more happiness into our lives than I ever imagined possible."

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