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Hi there. For those of you that are new to Lost and Hound, I wanted to introduce myself and my two furry sidekicks, Milo and Bella.  My name is Britney and I began Lost and Hound in April as a way to help improve the welfare of and give back to rescued shelter dogs using my dog, Milo, as inspiration. Milo has been wearing bandanas since he was a young pup and each of them have a purpose (aside from him looking ridiculously adorable). Milo and I became a registered pet therapy team through @petpartners almost two years ago not only as a way for us to strengthen our bond, but equally as important, as a way for him to share his sweet old soul with those who may benefit from the therapeutic companionship of a dog. Our two main areas of focus so far have been assisting at youth programs and visiting memory loss facilities. Every visit we’ve ever gone on, Milo has been wearing his bandana. It’s amazing to me - he knows the difference between his working bandana, his hiking bandana and his lounging bandana(s). Milo is now four years old and is either searching for crumbs on the floor, lounging comfortably on a stack of pillows, or howling at the door to go outside and explore. Did you notice the tiny little one in my arms? That’s Bella. Bella is seven years old and just under three pounds. She has less than half of her teeth, walks only in circles, tolerates stroller rides in the summer and doesn’t make a peep aside from the occasional squeak when she wants a third serving of dinner! And I swear, if dogs wore tiaras and could dress themselves, she’d be wearing one every single day. And then there’s me. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee and currently work at the @wischumane as the youth program specialist (and love it!). I firmly believe that goldfish crackers can make an exceptional dinner and that wearing maxi skirts in the summer is a must (because it’s like wearing yoga pants... but better). My dance moves are terrible but my dogs are great, so that somehow balances things out- right?  Anyway, I just wanted to say nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you.

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