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@brewcitybarney was adopted from the @wischumane. Here's his adoption story, as told by his mom: "My husband, Kyle, and I planned to take a year off between our loss [of former dog, Gavin] and starting to look for a new dog. But, as these things often do, plans changed when several weeks later I saw Barney (previously named Moses) in the URI ward at the shelter. He was in a run with his 2 sisters who were barking and standing on the front of the kennel (they were, of course, adorable, but.....) There was Barney behind them sitting quietly on the cot just staring at me with his head tilted to the side. I immediately felt that pang of need for the affection of a dog. My eyes started to tear up when he lifted a paw toward me and continued to look right at me. Expecting a "no", I texted Kyle and said "So there's this puppy..." and he replied "aaand??" I sent him a photo, and brought him back to work with me that night to meet him. He loved him! We fostered him for 2 weeks and got a taste of what it's like to have a dog who can do dog things! After his need for fostering ended we knew we had to adopt him! We took Barney home on June 1st and he has completely changed our lives! We take him everywhere and it is so therapeutic to see people's faces light up when they see him when we're out on a walk, at the farmer's market, at a local brewery, or out to lunch on a patio! He loves being greeted by children, and makes dog friends everywhere we go. I feel the love of Gavin when Barney gives me a kiss, and Barney's always calm demeanor makes me feel as though Gavin is letting us know that he's truly at peace, and he made room for us to give a homeless dog a loving family.  I've never had a rescue dog before, and now that we have Barney, I simply cannot imagine our life without him. He's the perfect little mutt who gives so much love!" Barney's story reminds me that not only do our dogs need us, but we also need them.

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