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THREE YEARS. Today marks THREE years in business. Good Hound Company (previously known as Lost & Hound), makes my heart really, really happy. I've been able to combine so many of my passions and interests into one brand that I am lucky enough to work on from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep (hello 3AM... anyone else most productive at night?🦉). I get to give back to dogs in need, brainstorm and implement ways my business can become more eco-conscious, work with other small businesses, makers and crazy-talented artists, design product, make product, take photos of product, take photos of dogs, meet their human parents, run social media, build a website, network, and so much

more all because of YOUR SUPPORT! Your shares, likes, comments, word-of-mouth, purchases, etc. mean EVERYTHING. Thank you x100.

Everything going on in the world right now makes me feel really scared, but being able to focus much of my attention on doing what I love and having people support me along the way makes things feel a little less scary.

I'll never forget when I received an email from a stranger at the time named Sarah that wrote: “Hi Britney, I would love to make a donation… I received some birthday money and I can’t think of anything better to use it for,” she said. “My mom founded our local humane society back in the early sixties so animal rescue has always been a part of my life. I love your story and your passion and I just want to help you.” Sarah signed the letter, “Have a wonderful week and take care of yourself. The animals need you.” A few days later, a check arrived in the mail. I hardly had the right words to thank her, I was so humbled.

What was most humbling to me was that Sarah signed off her letter with the words, "The animals need you." THE ANIMALS NEED ME?! To hear that someone else believes in Good Hound Company's mission and me enough to write those four words? Those are four words that I will never forget. Whenever I doubt myself, get frustrated or feel discouraged, I re-read Sarah's kind letter and am instantly reminded of my WHY behind the work I do. And with that, cheers to three years and cheers to many more.

Keep doing good things 👊🏼🐕

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