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The Nose Knows

Hounds are fascinating, athletic, loving and loyal dogs; however, bringing a hound into your life requires a certain level of understanding on the human side. 

Hound Do's and Don'ts

The nose knows and intriguing smells are often their top priority. Why don't you commonly see hounds competing for obedience or agility titles? Likely, because their nose caught whiff of something fabulous and off goes the hound, leaving the human standing alone, feeling defeated once again. For this reason, do be sure your dog is always wearing an identification tag.

Don't feel discouraged if you aren't able to conquer the power of the nose. Do let your hound smell. It's a hounds mental stimulus, like puzzles are for herding and many other breeds.

Pro tip: Do allow the first half of a walk to be full of stopping and smelling and the second half for mostly walking. Use a standard 6 foot leash to allow for spacious smells and then roll it in for a more controlled walk.

Hounds in general tend to be on the stubborn side. Don't get angry when you are sure that your dog hears you calling, looks you in the eye but doesn't move. Don't use angry tones, you'll just encourage the stubbornness. Do make a big happy fuss when the hound eventually does come. Many dogs love gushing attention and helps encourage compliance next time. Learn more about positive reinforcement training here.

Understanding and accepting the power of the nose helps keep away frustration, anger and hurt. While a hound's nose may know what it wants, you can rest easy tonight knowing that you are still number one in their heart.

By Janet Hensel, contributor


Good Hound Company was founded in 2017 by Brit Kruesel while she was living in her quaint, one-bedroom apartment above a pub in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Started with pets, their owners and sustainability in mind, many of Good Hound Company’s goods are made from recycled or vintage materials, including our packaging which is made from 100% recycled fabric. Each product purchased contributes directly to supporting a local dog rescue and protection organization. We’re driven by community and often team up with small businesses we love and other-like minded individuals. It is our goal to invest back into the community that has given us so much support.

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